Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arden's Garden Juice Fast

May's Running Goal: The Beginning 
I'm starting the month of May with a two day juice fast. I chose to do the Arden's Garden detox. If you don't mind Grapefruit juice, it's a great start to loosing weight. I'm not really trying to loose weight. I just want to feel lighter and healthier since I ate horribly last week. (Cookies, Cheezits, eating chicken fingers from work... and so on). Fasting for two days will make you loose weight, but it's not true pounds since as soon as you begin eating again you'll gain it back. It is however, perfect for rebooting your digestive system and your taste buds.
 The Arden's Garden juice features grapefruit which is one of the strongest detox fruits available. Have you ever taken medicine that says "Do not take with grapefruit"? It's because this citrus will cleanse your system so hard and fast it will push out your pills before they even get a chance to work! How cool IS that?! 
After fasting for two days, I'll feel light on my feet and ready to take on this 41 mile running challenge!

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